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In GotoweSpółki24 we not only offer to buy already registered companies, which have NIP, REGON and active VAT/VAT-EU. We also provide comprehensive assistance in the registration of the company from scratch. Company Registration in Poland, in addition, you can fully entrust the registration issue into our hands without having to pilot the matter yourself. Registration of limited liability companies, simple joint-stock companies, joint-stock partnerships and limited partnerships. We ensure the maintenance of the Register of Shareholders on the best conditions. Not only will we prepare the necessary documents on your behalf, but we will also advise you on the choice of the appropriate legal form. The final stage is to report the company to the National Court Register and the appropriate tax office. With our experience, the process is so efficient that we will carry out all the necessary formalities in just 24 hours.

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In GotoweSpółki24 you can count on help in setting up a company, company registration has never been so easy! Time-consuming and complicated formalities very often discourage people from registering a company on their own, therefore we offer assistance in setting up, a company registration from scratch throughout Poland.


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Memorandum of association, also called articles of association, is one of the most important documents to be prepared in the process of establishing a new entity. It is the provisions included in the articles of association that will determine to a large extent its future functioning as well as the powers of individual persons performing the management function. In case of Internet registration, we have at our disposal a ready-made template agreement, which will work perfectly in most cases and which requires filling in an agreement form in an ICT system and affixing it with a digital signature or a signature through a trusted profile ePUAP. However, if you wish to have non-standard provisions, the appropriate document will be prepared individually and the agreement itself will be concluded before a notary public in a notary’s office.
What a contract of a limited liability company must contain:

  1. Company companies
    Legislator leaves a lot of freedom in this element. It is important that the name is not identical with an already existing entity entered in the National Court Register. It is also not necessary for the name to include the names of the partners. It is important that the name of the company does not mislead clients. The company’s name should also contain an additional designation: limited liability company – it is also permitted to use an abbreviated designation: limited liability company or sp. z o.o.
  2. Seat of the company
    It is a place in the territory of Poland indicated in the articles of association where the seat of the company’s management board is located. It is important to distinguish the company seat, which is a specific city, from the company address.
  3. Subject of the company’s activity
    It is an indication of all areas of the company’s activity. Most often the PKD classification of codes is used to define the company’s activity. It is also worth emphasizing here that not every activity can be conducted in the form of a limited liability company, these include, among others, insurance activity, activity in the form of pension funds.
  4. Share capital amount
    This is a specific amount expressed in PLN. Currently, the minimum amount of share capital cannot be less than 5,000 PLN.
  5. Determining whether a partner may have more than one share
  6. The answer is – YES. The number of shares in the company is determined by the amount of contribution and the nominal value of a single share. The articles of association of a limited liability company should specify the number of shares each shareholder is entitled to, the division does not have to be equal. If a shareholder can have more than one share, each share must have the same value and be indivisible.
  7. Duration of the company
    Here we have the following options: e.g. specifying an end date, the expiration of a certain time after the registration of the company.
  8. Appointment of the company’s management board
    When concluding the articles of association, you can also appoint the board of directors, while specifying its term, composition and functions of individual members.
  9. The company’s financial year
    At the end of the Memorandum of Association, information is usually added concerning the duration of the financial year, which in the vast majority of cases coincides with the calendar year.
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