Clients very often have doubts about ready made companies, therefore we have prepared a list of the most frequently asked questions and answers to them.

By the term – READY COMPANY – we mean an entity entered in the National Court Register, having a NIP number, REGON number, share capital of PLN 5,000 and the address of its registered office. Our companies are registered for EU VAT/VAT, therefore they can be found on the so-called White List.

Once you have made a positive decision to purchase the Company, we will send you a personal data form based on which our team of experienced lawyers will prepare all the necessary documents and attachments. Purchase of a shelf company is possible either in a traditional way by concluding a share purchase agreement with notarized signatures in front of a Notary Public or through the S24 system where all the activities are carried out online.  The final choice always belongs to the client. The last stage is sending by our company the full documentation to the National Court Register so that all the changes are disclosed in the National Court Register.

YES, every foreigner can purchase shares in Polish company and can also perform a function in the management board of such an entity. A person intending to purchase shares in Ready-made Company should possess only a valid passport or other valid document confirming identity.

YES! Purchase of shares in a ready made shelf company has legal effect from the moment of signing the share purchase agreement. From that moment the purchaser of the company may conduct business activities, issue VAT invoices, conclude contracts with contractors, even without entering new data in the National Court Register.

The companies offered by our company do not have a bank account. The buyer opens a bank account at a bank of his choice at a time he considers best. On request, it is possible to open a bank account prior to purchasing shares, the service is charged extra.

Depending on the number of applications that must be examined by the KRS in a given period, the waiting time for the entry with changes is approximately 2 to 6 weeks.  However, this does not constitute any obstacle to conducting business activity immediately after purchasing shares.

Basically, any change is possible – the name (business name) of the company, the seat of the company, the address of the company, PKD. Our team will prepare all the necessary documents so that every change required by you is registered in the National Court Register.

Limited liability of partners – This is the most important advantage of a limited liability company. Limited liability means that partners are not responsible for the liabilities towards creditors but the company itself is responsible. Liability of partners is limited to the amount of their shares.

No social security contributions – every limited liability company that has at least two shareholders is exempt from the obligation to pay social security contributions.

Possibility of selling your business – a limited liability company gives shareholders the possibility to quickly sell their shares and thus sell all or part of the business. Such an opportunity does not exist in case of sole proprietorship.

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