Polish Ready made Shelf Companies

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We have over 10 years of experience, we operate throughout Poland, we are unconventional, there are no impossible things for us and customer satisfaction is the basis.

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Our Ready made Shelf Companies in Poland

Gotowe Spółki 24 is a company, which comprehensively deals with the sale of ready made companies in Poland.

We offer not only ready made limited liability companies with clean history, which have never run any business, but also limited and joint-stock partnerships, companies with turnover and positive financial history. Our offer also includes transport companies with all necessary licenses.

Ready made companies with vat Ready made Shelf companies with vat-EU in Poland

Our ready made companies do not have any history, they are clean economic entities, additionally fully equipped with all that is formally necessary such as KRS, NIP, REGON numbers. We have both ready made companies with VAT / VAT-EU as well as ready  made companies without VAT

All our companies on offer are free from any liabilities, contracts or debts and we also give a guarantee that they have never run a business.

All our companies are based in Poland and have Polish addresses.

They have 70 sections of PKD (Polish Classification of Activities) written into the articles of association, as well as current and timely filed VAT returns and JPK_VAT files

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Ready made Shelf Companies in Poland

Are you building a business in Poland?

Build it with us!

why is it worth it?

Starting your own business is associated with many formalities that take time and delay the actual start. Gotowe Spółki24 come out on the opposite side of entrepreneurs and offer the possibility of buying ready made business entities. 

This allows us to save time and trouble associated with the preparation of the necessary documents. All formalities related to starting business activity are on our side. In our offer we have ready made limited liability companies with VAT, limited partnerships and joint stock companies.

After purchasing shares of the company we guarantee that each of our companies has the capacity for immediate business activity.

Building company

Budujesz firmę?

Sale of ready made companies Ready made Company

In order to provide our clients with a safe and smooth start-up, we conduct an advanced screening and selection of the entities we offer. A ready-made company offered by our office is prepared for sale when:

  • It is registered in the National Court Register
  • It has been assigned NIP and REGON numbers
  • Is listed in the register of VAT and VAT-EU taxpayers
  • Has the ability to conduct multiple activities

In our offer we have both companies with positive financial history and those that have never run any business. In this way we adjust the offer individually for each client. Each company that has a financial history is very carefully checked and verified by us in order to avoid any threat to its future solvency.

How to establish a limited liability company?

Buying a ready-made company with our office is exceptionally simple and intuitive. During the first telephone conversation we establish together with the client what are their expectations from the future company. We adjust our offer individually to the requirements of each client, we provide professional advice at each stage of the sale.

The next step is to prepare appropriate documents and visit a notary to sign a contract for the sale of shares in the company. After the changes are accepted by the court, the new owner and the new management board are registered in the National Court Register.

Quick start of the company

Thanks to our wide range of Ready-made Companies, you avoid many complicated and time-consuming formalities. With us you can start your new business even on the same day.

Comfort and convenience

Provide us with the necessary data and signed documents and we will prepare and submit any changes to the relevant authorities on your behalf, free of charge


We are the only founder of the sold companies offered by GotoweSpółki24. We notarize their quality, lack of debts and



shelf company POZNAŃ (Wielkopolskie Voivodeship)

shelf company WARSAW (Mazowieckie province)

shelf company WROCŁAW (Lower Silesia province)

shelf company GDYNIA (Pomeranian voivodship)

shelf company GDAŃSK (Pomeranian Voivodship)

shelf company ŁÓDŹ (Province of Lodz)

shelf company KATOWICE (Silesian Province)

shelf company KRAKÓW (Malopolska province)

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